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Uncle Sam, Dangerous Pedophile November 30, 2006

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That girl loved Nazis

We, as teachers, have done a terrible thing. We have chosen to mislead our students. We have led them to believe things that are simply not true. Rather than educating them, arming them with the knowledge necessary to understand “the realities of the life,” we have inadvisably placed an inordinate emphasis upon preparing youth for the workplace, essentially training them to become robot-like cogs in the machinery of mankind.

Rather than vesting them with the power to think for themselves, the power to reason in a critical manner, the sagacity to understand the complex nature of the moral dilemmas set before us, we have chosen to domesticate our youth through the power of propaganda, deciding that it is preferable that they become flag-waving patriots, loyalists, apologists chauvinistically pledging their allegiance to the Fatherland.


Propaganda Comics by Renato Guerra



Johnny Cash is my hero November 19, 2006

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God doesn’t give a damn what you say … sooner or later, you gotta do something.

America V: A Hundred Highways by Johnny Cash

6 years of control … how did they do? November 7, 2006

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But can the Republicans afford to lose?

Mark Foley’s Penis October 15, 2006

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If you believe Mark Foley’s penis is the worst thing after your children, you got another thing coming.

What was lost September 11, 2006

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barbed flag