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Bigger than I thought July 4, 1973

Posted by sardonicus in blogstar.
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The effect of activating the Blogstar was far greater than I had anticipated. Ken warned me about it but I (of course) wouldn’t listen. I found that it wasn’t really possible (or desireable, for that matter) to turn it off. Thompson suggested an application of Chinese fireworks which (while certainly colorful) seemed excessive. I told him to master his fear – he chose tequila and lies insensinate on the couch with a sleeping (and lovely) Helen.

All of us are experiencing a profound warping even though none but Thompson typically medicate in such a way as to produce the effects. E told us that she expected as much (illustrating her point on the walls in a manner that was a marked improvement over the wallpaper). The gist, she said, is that we have all been partially severed from the certainty of time and rove fore and back in the manner of a rolling wave. E seems most stable (she says it’s a learned thing – I think she’s just lucky) while some like Thompson are on and off like an unreliable public utility.

E also says we’re passing behind some sort of existence schmonsky and that there will be some disruption.