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December 17, 1883 (from The Hart Journal) January 17, 1883

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The 12th Bell, McEntee's Studio, Tenth Street

McEntee is mad as a bug, of that there is no question, and I worry what . I had thought Reichardt the banker, but he was just a front for a man I only know as "Maurice". He wears spectacles that are impenetrable to the gaze yet if he is blind, he has senses beyond mortal.

Maurice has brought a strange succession of artists to the studio. Though I use the word, I cannot fathom what art the five he brought this afternoon might have perpetrated in my absence. The studio reeks of sweat or animals or worse and the thing, the "blogstar" as they call it, gleams unwholesomely on the workbench.

I am almost afraid to sleep here, but the streets of New York are far to cold and I am far too drunk.